rezeki malam raya aidil adha

Since yesterday irfan (my boy) called me to pick up from him his malfunctioned psp. I promised to get the psp from him after work today. During that time, he called me @ 1.45pm, 3pm, 4.30pm and few minutes before I arrived at doorstep of his mom’s office. I was surprised that he told me I can also pick him up along with his 2 elder sisters. All three irfan, ellin and emelyn joined us. I was so happy and thank Allah swt that I was given this opportunity to be with my kids on the eve of eidul adha. First stop, went to barber to cut irfan’s hair. After treating junk foods at kedai runcit bismillah beside the barber, we then went to my parents house. The trio, their grandparents and together with wifey, alyaa and haifaa had bun and kuzi chicken prepared by tok mama and wifey for tomorrow’s feast post eidul adha sunat prayer. We also had few laughs especially when I downloaded the song chicken dance from ellin’s handphone and then haifaa awkwardly but confidently danced to the tune of it. Send them back to their mom’s house at 10.30pm. A night to remember. Will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to beraya w my kids for few hours on the eve of eidul adha. Jazakallah. Allah is almighty.

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