‘Masyarakat Mithali’ (Model Society)

Had just came back from Friday Prayers. Did mine for the past 3 years (with occasional changes due to work, sick, vacation etc) at the Shah Alam State Mosque. Today’s sermon calls for the Muslim community to set the objective of becoming a ‘Masyarakat Mithali’. The Khatib outlined 6 core ingredients for the Ummah to achieve such Masyarakat Mithali target. 1. First and foremost, the Ummah must be educated and knowledgeable society as he highlighted the first ayah taught by Jibrail to the Holy Messenger Muhammad saw ‘IQRA’; 2. After acquiring such knowledge especially on Islam, the Ummah must practise and profess such knowledge in their daily lives; 3. Then, after they have acquired and habitually living with such knowledge, to use the knowledge to educate (tarbiyyah) their children, so that they would then continue what they have started; 4. The Khatib than strongly remind the Ummah not to fail in any way to perform solat as it is the pillar of a muslim; 5. For the Ummah to work towards unification to be based on Islam and none other as only Islam would unify mankind; 6. Lastly, the Khatib stressed to the mukminun in the mosque to strive in making Shariah as the law of the land and to uphold it.

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