Just got to know that Ellin (Form 1) got no. 6 in her class, Emelyn (Year 5) no. 3 and Alyaa (Year 4) no. 15 for their final exams. All had successfully upgraded their ranking in their respective class. Congratulations kids. You hard work and endless effort had been worthwhile. I have to salute kids these days. Remembering my school days in yester years, the environment was not that demanding and competitive as of current. Not just academic, kids these days have to also work extra hard in extra curricular activities. Three of my kids now never misses their Equestrian classes every Saturday week in week out. Not to mention the Islamic school, tuition classes and art classes. Wow! don’t think I would want to be in their shoes. My primary years were so relaxed that I only start learning three months from the defunct Penilaian Darjah Lima. Standard 6 was honeymoon. To my 3 kids and my boy who will enter Year 1 next year, I salute you…

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